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Music I'm Loving #1

5 April 2014
So this may be a little different to my usual posts but I'm nosy and love reading more personal posts on blogs, I feel like you get to know the author ten times better. As you might be able to tell from the picture or title, either one, this post is basically telling you all about my favourite songs at the moment - who knows I might even make it a regular thing if people actually enjoy it. 

As you might be able to tell  from the picture, I have a thing for One Direction, I have done since I watched them audition solo on xfactor and my obsession love for them has only grown. Their most recent album is always on repeat but since the release of the video for Midnight Memories its been played about a billion times, not going to lie. The majority of the music I've been loving this month is predominately chart music but I do listen to a variety of genres I swear :) As for keeping in with the boyband theme I haven't been able to get either 5sos' song 'she looks so perfect' and The Vamps 'last night' out of my head - both are unbelievably catchy and I can't help but hum and sing along when I hear them.

I've also been loving Ellie Gouldings song 'Goodness Gracious' as its so upbeat and just has an all round summer vibe to it, in fact all of the songs I'm listing are upbeat - must just be a happy music period. Little Mix were doing their bit for Sport Relief and released 'Word Up', another great song, again I love these girls and I'm actually so excited that I'm seeing them again in a month or two on their tour. The last but not least song I've been enjoying is definitely a love or hate song, its #selfie by The Chainsmokers, at first I couldn't stand it but its grown on me due to my housemate overplaying it, its also hilarious being out at night and it coming on in the club resulting in everyone drunkenly taking selfies and looking absolutely ridiculous.

You've most likely heard all of these on the radio but if you haven't open up Youtube and give them a listen, I'm sure you'll love them. If anyone has any songs/bands they think I should check out be sure to let me know? I love discovering new artists :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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