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19 April 2014
This is my first post since I've landed back home from Cyprus, technically I came back home Thursday night and was planning to upload yesterday but my body clock has been seriously messed up and its only just sorted itself out now.... I was literally a walking zombie for a few days lol (no one wants that). Anyways as there was no wifi in our hotel so I immediately checked my blog as soon I was home and saw that I was nominated by the lovely Abigail for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. 

Now with all these types of awards and prizes in the blogging world, I'll be honest I never know what half of them are - after only blogging 3 months, I'll blame it on that. I therefore found out by going on to the lovely Abigails blog after seeing her comment on one of my posts. I wasn't expecting it at all so it was a really nice surprise to come home to. Her blog is also amazing so be sure to check it out :) 

The rules are as follows: 

1. Link the lovely person that nominated you
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Share 7 facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 other blogs and comment to let them know you've nominated them
5. (Optional) Display the award logo anywhere on your blog e.g the side bar. 

7 Facts About Me:

1. I love reading, usually anything possible, as nerdy as that is. 
2. I'm turning 20 soon and its so upsetting because I don't want to say goodbye to my teenage years.
3. I'm pretty sure my wardrobes going to explode soon, its so full of clothes. I clearly have a problem.
4. Unlike most, I didn't actually enjoy living away from home for University.
5. I really have the urge to see new things and travel all of a sudden, whether it be close or far away. 
6. I have a thing for American t.v shows e.g pretty little liars, gossip girl, 90210, one tree hill, teen wolf and the walking dead - they're always so much better.  
7. I neglect most of my shoes, I only end up wearing the same until they're absolutely done, something which I should probably change lol!. 

As for my nominations instead of tagging 15 blogs, I've decided to nominate anyone who is reading this post. It's a heck of a lot fun and it helps everyone get to know you that little bit better. If you do do this award/tag be sure to leave me a comment with the link, I love reading everyone elses replys just as much. Again thanks Abigail for the nomination :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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