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Primark Haul ft H&M;

8 April 2014
This is an unusual post for me, I love scrolling through clothing hauls and getting inspiration for outfits but I always thought it a bit difficult to take photos of clothes, does that make sense? Anyways I thought I'd give it a go just this once to see what you think. 

Amidst all my coursework I had to make some time to go shopping as this Wednesday (by the time this goes up, tomorrow) I'll be flying off to Cyprus as part of my fieldtrip which I'm super excited about, I just need some sunshine. As I live somewhere where its sometimes constantly raining and miserable I was in need of some summery additions to my wardrobe and decided to hit a few shops in town, mainly Primark and H&M. I'm going to apologise in advance for the photographs, the lighting in my room is dire and I can't hang clothes on mirrored wardrobes so I'd to borrow my brothers instead lol!

A must for any holiday is a comfortable pair of shorts and I found just that, I picked them up on my way to the changing rooms on a whim but they are so comfortable. I always have trouble finding shorts that fit properly, that gap at the back where it just doesn't want to go in anymore is not attractive. They're quite plain but figure hugging and I imagine they'll go with practically any top.

Also you may think I'm nuts going out and buying long sleeved tops for a holiday, I didn't want to trust me but our lecturers have insisted we do so :( Both the blue and white top (pictured under the kimono) are the exact same - a loose material, long sleeved and are a few sizes too big so they won't be restricting - something I hate especially in the warm weather. They can be jazzed up with a jacket or some bright jewellery and actually I'm not too fussed about covering up now, apart from the whole no sun tan for me thing.

As you might have guessed this season I'm loving kimonos, they're so versatile, they act as a cover up yet don't feel too heavy at the same time. The prints are beautiful and although black (I need to stop buying black) the floral patterns are perfect for spring and summer. I can't wait to wear them with vest tops underneath and either maxi skirts or shorts, we just need some sunny weather now, fingers crossed. The first kimono I'd been admiring on the H&M website for quite a while but everytime I popped into my local they didn't seem to have it in therefore when I saw it on the weekend I had to buy it! The second kimono I found whilst walking through the New Look kids section, yes I said kids section, well 'teenagers' section and it practically jumped out at me. I never even thought about going to that department but from now on I'm going to have to, I think it goes up to size 15-16 years, who knew being petite could be such an advantage? 

Anyways, it might not be a lot to some but that's my little haul. Hope you enjoyed it :) Be sure to let me know whether you liked this kind of post?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
6 comments on "Primark Haul ft H&M; "
  1. I love all your purchases! :)

  2. You're a pro at taking pics of clothes :) They look amazing!


    1. I wish I was - these were the best of a bad bunch but thank you :') Jenny xo

  3. Hey :) I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award :D

    1. thank you so much for the nomination, I've just completed my post on it :) it was loads of fun! Jenny xo


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