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Weekly Ramble #3

7 April 2014
Okay so I know these posts are mainly a Sunday night thing in the blogging world but university deadlines were calling and now I have a life again (aka a blogging life) so its only just being posted, hope you don't mind :) 

 Last day teaching at College / A wild hair day / A lot of chocolate cake and fatty foods were consumed this week with my fair share of meals with friends and family. 

The first picture is of the college my friend and I have been teaching Year 9 students in, at first when I thought of teaching or going to a school I had no idea about I was so scared and found the idea extremely daunting. However when we arrived the staff were as friendly and welcoming as could be, and the students were an absolute dream. On our last day we had a mini party, gave out prizes and took photos, it was nice to have a slightly more relaxed atmosphere around the children and to banter with them whilst still managing to get them to do work. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I won't be returning to school again and although it was a heck of a lot of work (teaching is not for me) I would definitely recommend the experience to everyone. I've grown in confidence as I'm able to present to large classes now, have managed to improve my organisation and time keeping and all round enjoyed myself. 

The second picture was a selfie I don't particularly like but it was taken after coming in from the wind and after dinner showing just how crazy the weather really is here. My hair looks a tiny bit windswept to say the least and my makeup was definitely on the neutral side. The rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory, over the course of the week in between all my deadlines and long nights, I managed to go for dinner not once but twice. Now considering I've a holiday on Wednesday I should probably be 'watching my figure' but a 3 course meal definitely counts as that right? I have a serious weakness for chocolate cake as you may be able to tell and when I was eating out with my friends we ended up in Pizza Hut, somewhere I haven't been to in goodness knows how many years but that pizza was absolutely amazing and it was lovely to catch up with friends who I hadn't seen in a few months due to conflicting schedules.  

So a busy week indeed and this week coming is surely to be eventful as I'm off to Cyprus for my University Fieldtrip, honestly it'll be nice to just get away and have some sunshine. How's everyone elses week been? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
2 comments on "Weekly Ramble #3"
  1. the food all looks delish

    1. thank you, it definitely tasted amazing :) i almost didn't want to eat it and ruin it lol! Jenny xo


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