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Acrylic Lipstick Storage

16 June 2014

Lately I've been trying to figure out a way to store my ever growing lipstick collection, on many a beauty blogs Muji acrylic drawers are almost always the answer. I'm not too keen on displaying my entire makeup collection so I opt to have my dressing table drawers organised instead, much more appealing but the lipstick stand did however catch my eye whilst scrolling through Amazon and as I had spare money on a gift certificate (it was only £2 or something) I thought why not and purchased it. 

Since they were coming from China (I think) or maybe Hong Kong, the postage and packaging was estimated around a month later however I was pleasantly surprised that my parcel arrived just over a week later, talk about quick! They were a little dusty when I first unwrapped them but nothing a bowl of fairy washing up liquid couldn't fix and its now sitting on my shelf looking brand new. 

At the moment I've just filled my stand with drugstore lipsticks (bar the one Mac and two Illamasqua) that were floating around my drawer so that I'll be able to get more use out of them. I can see that this will defintitely be changing around at a later date, one that I'll probably be much happier with and more aesthetically pleasing ;) I think its just going to encourage buying more colourful and brighter packaged lipsticks if I'm honest! Since this is my first item of acrylic storage I'm sure I'll be set on picking up a few more pieces in the future too. 

What do you think of acrylic storage? How do you store your makeup bit and bobs?

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo   
4 comments on "Acrylic Lipstick Storage"
  1. I personally love acrylic storage - i use a similar holder that also has compartments for other products too ! - lovely blog, new follower here- would love if you could check out mine if you get the time :) x

    1. I was torn on whether to get the storage with the compartments or not, they must come in handy! Thank you so much, of course I shall :) Jenny xo

  2. just found these on amazon thanks to you and made myself a cheeky purchase, such a good price and it looks gorgeous too! Thanks for the post! x

    1. honestly not a problem, glad you liked them and the post :) oh I know, such a bargain lol - hope yours comes quickly, Jenny xo


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