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2 June 2014
If its possible I think I'm still on a post concert high from last night.... I went and seen McBusted in concert for their penultimate show and my oh my it was bloody fantastic. I felt like I was 10 all over again, reliving the Busted tunes and well I've just always loved Mcfly so it was a win win for me and the perfect way to kick off a new month! 

before the night began, sort of a fotd/hotd and my messy bedroom lol!

We arrived a little late to the concert through no fault of our own, Sunday service buses I'm looking at you and the crowds were ridiculous but we eventually got in and found a nice little spot, settling down just in time for the first support act. It was clear from the offset that the whole theme was just having fun and jumping around like idiots as all of the guys I kid you not started running laps around the stage and jumping about all over the place with their guitars encouraging the audience to do just that as well, which they did. 

There were so many entertaining videos to watch throughout the concert, at the beginning they showed clips of Busted breaking up back in 2005 (its scary how long ago it actually was) and then them going back to the future and arriving on stage in a flying car with Mcfly. There was clips of Tom's wedding speech too (which is the most adorable thing) and the Busted boys rudely crashing it ;) The best part however was definitely the stage shaped as a spaceship, no other artist has had a spaceship or anything like it, usually just a boring stage lol! 

If you're following me on twitter you probably realised from my tweets that I was fangirling like crazy last night, it was amazing! And definitely one of the most energetic and fun concerts I've been to in I don't know how long, after the first song everyone in the whole arena (mainly the seating area) was up on their feet, something that usually doesn't happen until the last couple of songs and everyone left the concert in such high spirits. Also Dougie was hilarious all night and I seriously worry about him and Matt's bromance. Overall the gig was class and I'm just jealous that they aren't playing another night, I'm hoping this is the first tour of many for them all. If you're going to see them, enjoy it seriously :) 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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