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The Blush Edit:

24 June 2014
Since we're well and truly in to the summer season now (well this week anyway, it'll probably be back to rain and clouds by next) I thought I'd show you what blushes are perfect to achieve that fresh, dewy faced glow. 

Surprisingly in the summer months I reach for blush rather than bronzer, I think this might have something to do with being so pale and finding a bronzer that isn't orange is actually hard and therefore thought I'd put a collection of my favourites together. These stretch from the most budget friendly and affordable to the more expensive brands (I actually tried to keep it purse friendly) - giving a whole range of options. 

The first blush and probably the most inexpensive of the four is the Natural Collection powder blush in sweet cheeks (FYI they're all powder bar one - I've never really branched out into cream blush... yet) costing as little as £1.99. I originally picked this up just for fun but it actually looks well when blended in, at first it feels a little chalky but quite a few powder blushes do. The only bad thing I'd have to say about it is, not the product but the packaging, the lid is absolutely terrible for travelling with and I've now resorted to using it from the pan but if you can stick doing that, its a steal. 

The MUA mosaic blush in shade 3, English rose is one of my favourites, not only does it look amazing in the pan but the lightest swirl of a powder brush and it creates a lovely fresh and healthy glow to your cheeks. Its almost like a highlighter and blush all in one, it's not overly shimmery though which makes it even better! After contouring a little I apply this to my cheeks and it just finishes off my makeup nicely. It doesn't look too barbie doll-esque but rather glowy and lasts all day, talk about pigmented. This blush I'm sure won't be off my cheeks during Summer I'm sure and again for a bargain of £2/3 its definitely a must in your makeup kit. 

The third blush offering is the Topshop cream blush in the shade flush, what a mouthful. Its the only cream blush that I own but so far I've been getting along swimmingly - I'll be honest it does take a while to get used to but after that you're fine. It looks awfully bright in the pan but once transferred on to the skin, its not that colour I promise (although its still super pigmented) and creates the illusion of perfect dewy cheeks which last all day. I've definitely been converted with cream blushes and I'm pretty sure I'll be getting some more in the near future :) 

The last blush is the Illamasqua powder blush in the shade 'Hussy', Illamasqua blushes are coveted in the beauty world and its almost a given that you own at least one, this being mine. I love the packaging and although a little on the big side I like the fact that the shape easily stands out amongst the rest. Also the lid is see through which comes in handy when you're trying to see the colour you're looking for! The blush itself is amazing with super pigmentation and lasts for hours giving the perfect peachy pink finish to any makeup look. Although this is my first Illamasqua blush, it wont be the last, I love them! 

Thank you for reading, Jenny xo 
p.s what blushes do you reach for in the summer months? cream or powder?           
2 comments on "The Blush Edit: "
  1. I have that Natural Collection blush too, it's one of my favourites! I definitely want to purchase more cream blushes, I only have a few of the MUA ones so far which are great for experimenting with but I think I may have to go to Topshop and get a few of theirs this week after seeing this post haha.


  2. its such a beautiful colour! Are the mua cream blushes good? I would definitely recommend it, pick up one and give it a go :) Jenny xo


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