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Face Masks: Top 3!

3 June 2014
Face masks are quickly becoming my skincare favourites! The thought of settling down and having a cosy night in watching movies, eating far too much chocolate and just generally relaxing with a face mask on is perfect. Lately I've been reaching for these three as a quick pick me up and pamper session as I know they work for me and I really want to pick up a couple more, so feel free to let me know what your top 3 face masks are :)  

The Boots Essentials mask is just one I picked up on a whim one day, it was on offer and right beside my trusty Teatree and Witch hazel moisturiser so I thought why not. I'm going to be honest the smell sold me, it just smells of cucumber which I love. Its supposedly a 3 minute clay mask which gently soften, soothes and draws out impurities, now I'm sure I'm not the only one but 3 minutes turns more into half an hour whilst watching the soaps and so you'd think it'd work twice as well being on the skin for so much longer. Its quite thick and dries quickly so you need to be careful getting this on your face as soon as possible, however afterwards it leaves your skin feeling lovely and fresh and has since been placed on my dresser to make sure I use it more often. 

The second mask is a single use mask which is from Superdrugs own line, ideal for all skin types. This was the first mask I picked up out of the three and goodness knows how long ago that was now but yet I still find myself going back to it. I haven't tried any others from the range as I love this one way too much and know it works, its the Superfruits exfoliating mask and oh my, it smells amazing. I almost don't want to use the mask once its open... it smells that good, just a waft of raspberry, cranberry and blueberry fruit extracts, what more could you want. This one is an exfoiliating mask so its gritty and is a solid mask, it changes colour once its dried on your face, something I much prefer to it sinking it and disappearing. Everytime I've used this my skin has dramatically improved - almost glowing and although its only a single use, theres so much of the mask leftover that it could easily be covered and used a couple more times - definitely worth its price tag of £1 something. 

The third and last mask that I'm featuring is from a brand I'd never even heard of before strolling into Boots, its called Quick Fix Facials and is a calming clay mask aimed at red and sensitive skin. Now I may not have overly sensitive skin and only rosy cheeks but I thought it wouldn't be too harsh and that it might do me a world of good, boy was I right. It claims to provide 10 facials but I've used it way more than that and I haven't made a dent in it so its well worth your money. It does smell a little but I can't for the life of me tell you what of, it's not bad though. The mask itself its an absolute skincare gem, the other night I was starting to have a breakout, well I could feel it under my skin so I popped this on for a few hours, washed it off before bed and the next morning it had made most of the spots disappear completely and it'll definitely be repurchased as soon as it runs out.  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s if you've tried any good skincare items lately be sure to let me know? 
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