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Whats In My Bag?

14 June 2014
The Whats In My Bag tag is usually one of my favourites, I love having a nosey and seeing what other people carry around as I know I bring everything but the kitchen sink even if I'm just popping down to Tesco - bad habit I know. I also couldn't believe that I hadn't gotten round to actually doing this tag myself so I thought it might be nice to do a summer edition since the rain seems to be holding off and dare I say it we're having a few summery and warm days where you don't need three jackets and a pair of boots to leave the house.... you'd almost think it was summer.

Bag from H&M, I know its summer but black goes with everything ;)

An absolute essential leaving the house is a purse, without money its a wasted shopping trip, this aztec purse I picked up in Urban Outfitters a while back but I really need to update as its quite wintry, recommendations are welcome :) This is in complete contrast to my compact mirror which I carry just in case I need to check my face and its pink, white and floral - something that just screams Summer.

Other things that I just couldn't leave the house without (mainly electrical) are my phone, earphones, iPad and my iPod classic which is the absolute love of my life, what other ipod can hold like a billion albums at a time eh? Keys are also a good idea if you're leaving your house, otherwise you're not going far! I also carry around a notebook and pen for jotting down things that pop into my head or more often than not, lists of stuff to buy oops and since this post I've replaced this with a smaller and brighter notepad more ideal for chucking in my bag. Strangely enough I always have a few rings, hair grips and bobbles floating about the bottom of my bag but in this case I chose not to photograph them, we all know what hair bobbles look like.

I have a few beauty bits and bobs to carry as well such as tissues, hand sanitizer which is an absolute must for any handbag, its cheap as chips and you never know when you might need it: read, public bathrooms ew! I also have hand cream loose in my bag, this just happens to be the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck one and my Babylips in 'cherry me' which always comes in handy, saying that it should probably be in my makeup bag instead. Its a pink and white floral print from Primark and I love it, I was thinking of doing a whats in my makeup bag post in a couple of days instead of listing all the products one after the other and everyone drifting off to sleep so keep an eye out for that. Lastly I've been carrying around an umbrella and sunglasses, this may seem a bit odd but honestly its necessary, the weather here in Belfast is bipolar, one day the sun could be splitting the trees, the next torrential rain so its best to carry both and be safe.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s its been one heck of a week and this post has been a long time coming, who knew specific batteries would be so hard to track down.
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