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Review: Brow Drama

4 June 2014
Now I know this product was released ages ago, sometime near the end of last year I'm pretty sure but I try not to give into the hype around most things and thats why the Maybelline Brow Drama only ended up in my shopping basket a couple of months ago. Its only lately that I've found myself reaching for it but I just don't know what to make of it.

This brow product being budget friendly and all that makes it a popular choice but when I first used it I didn't like it at all contrary to all the positive reviews I'd already read about it. If something doesn't work, you should be honest about it, this might be because I have the dark blonde shade instead of trying the light brown but still. The product actually gives quite a natural effect to your brows but on mine it was almost unnoticeable, a colour match made in heaven you could say? I'm fairly used to using a brow pencil and then a little shadow to further define the front so I thought using this would stop the hassle of using two products instead of one but it didn't, I just ended up using all three.... even better eh. 

Once its on your brows, it does not budge even in the warmer weather we're now having which is great as you don't want to panic about your makeup melting off your face, and that it doesn't make your brows stiff as some brow products do. Another thing I do enjoy about the product is the wand, similar to that of mascara wands except this has a large spoolie with a ball on the end, something I've never seen before and making it far easier to fill in your brows in whatever shape you want.  

Overall, I probably won't be repurchasing this product I'm determined to use it up and in the summer months when I'm wanting a more natural looking brow it may do just the trick but at the minute I'd much rather use a clear mascara which is much cheaper to set my brows instead. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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    1. thank you so much, of course! I'll be sure to have a read :) Jenny xo


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