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Weekly Ramble #5

22 June 2014
I refuse to religiously post weekly rambles, my sort of catch up on the week lifestyle posts if I don't do all that much in my eyes - if I'm honest my life ain't that interesting. However this was my birthday week and I made sooo many plans probably too many and the weather was amazing so I was barely indoors and therefore this seemed like the perfect opportunity to fill you all in :) 

Officially a month since I moved out of my university house // went for a lovely pre-birthday meal // the sun made an appearance for once and I relaxed with ice cold drinks // it wouldn't be a birthday without a massive chocolate cake // cutely wrapped birthday pressies // took a trip to the zoo // had my first slush puppy of the year // took a selfie with a giraffe, totes normal // jealous of the seals sunbathing and doing nothing // played about with settings on camera // went bowling for the first time in years // chilled with friends and took a few selfies as you do  

It being the end of June, well close enough, I've officially moved out of my university house almost a month - this is such a big thing, moving away from home was such an experience but I couldn't be happier to be home. As I said on Tuesday I turned 20 agh, no more teenage years :( and so on Monday I spent a lot of time in the garden and might have had an ice cold cider or two in the back garden, when the sun comes out you really do have to make the most of it, as I'm writing this post, five days later and its cloudy and dull outside. On Monday evening my friends treated me to a lovely pre-birthday meal and cocktails at Frankie & Bennys which was nice, Italian food is my absolute favourite and I had a lovely pasta dish and of course to finish it all of desert.  

On Tuesday I went for dinner with my family and was treated to a massive birthday cake which tasted amazing and its safe to say at least half of that has been demolished since then - what can I say I'm we're all chocoholics. I was also treated to birthday presents which I've ever so grateful for from friends and family. Is is just me or are wrapped presents not ten times better than those left unwrapped in a gift bag? Its like Christmas all over again! Wednesday we made the most of the good weather and took a trip to the zoo, I was incredibly jealous of both the elephants who had their own personal sprinklers and the sea lions who spent their time sunbathing whilst I was roasting however I did have my first slush puppy of the summer at the restaurant at the top (the zoo is on a mountain). Also I took a selfie with the giraffes, totes normal but they were adorable. 

Throughout the week I also played about with a few settings on my camera and these beaut flower photos were the outcome, as well as that I went bowling for the first time in absolute years. The bowling alley wasn't too busy but I loved the whole colourful aspect, it also had a bit of a vintage theme to it, there were no illuminating lights along the lanes or nothing, thank goodness and as if it was a miracle I managed to come second out of five people, it was a fluke I'm sure, enjoyable nonetheless. Finally I attended a party/bbq of my friends - many I hadn't seen in a while and it was nice to have a catch up, taking a few selfies along the way. 

What have you all been up to, anything exciting?
Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
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