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8 June 2014
So the internet decided it would be a great time to play up, right smack back in the middle of my challenge but that just means double updates for today and tomorrow. All of my posts were ready to go and it was so frustrating because I just couldn't press publish #bloggingnightmare. Therefore this is the first post of a few, lilac must be my colour for spring it seems, I just can't enough of it and it seemed fitting that it was on my nails as well.  

This Miss Sporty nail polish was found unloved in the back of my drawer and so I thought it was only right that I used it right away. I don't own a lot of things from Miss Sporty and I'm too sure as to why, they're ever so cheap and the products that I have used are always of good quality so this may need to be fixed. This lilac is a lovely colour, bright but not too bright and although I painted my nails at the start of the week I've seen no chipping and its lasted a lot better than the majority of my other nail polishes. I can't believe its only £1.99, definitely a little bargain and I think there might be a buy one, get the second half price offer going on on the range in Superdrug at the minute, sooo worth checking out. 

Also I'd like to apologise for the quality of these photos, not my finest work but its been so dreary over the past few days taking photographs in natural light has been an absolute nightmare. Anyways, what colours have you been loving on your nails as of late? 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
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