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1 December 2014
At this time of year theres Christmas posts galore and many youtubers take part in vlogmas, with the blogging equivalent being blogmas and last year I remember reading so many blogging posts and thinking that it would be so fun to do, so this year since its my first Christmas blogging I thought I'd take part and for the next month I'll be daily blogging. I've only tried this once before, the month of June - my birthday month to see if I could do it and it turned out to be a success so I thought I'd try it again, only with the Christmas-sy theme.

Currently I have 60 drafts waiting to be published, (well there was) in fact theres probably way less now that this is posted and a lot of them very Christmassy, can you tell I'm excited? I've decided to schedule a lot of my posts for mid morning so they'll be a set time for everyone to read them (if they fancy it). Also December is a crazy busy month, I've two jobs to balance in which I'm doing as many hours as I possibly can and hopefully I'll begin my placement sometime soon so finding spare time in between all of that will be hard, let alone finding spare time to blog but I'll try my best. I don't want this post to be too rambly, its just simply to let all you lovely readers that I'll be daily blogging in the run up to Christmas and if you do fancy a read, I hope you enjoy them :)

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s keep an eye out for tomorrows post, its a special one ;)

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