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Weekly Ramble #6

7 December 2014
This weeks been a bit of a hectic one, work, work, blogging, work and trying to fit in some shopping, unluckily the shopping has had to be done online but I'm hoping to properly go Christmas shopping this week! I've been absolutely loving Vlogmas & Blogmas this year and so far I've managed (counting today) to post 6 days out of 7 - a complete success! I haven't posted one of these Sunday rambles in a while but I thought I'd update you all on this busy time of year.... 

Took a trip to the Christmas market - it's become a yearly tradition and I love it. Its always so festive and there's such a nice atmosphere - I still haven't braved a kangeroo burger or crocodile dish but who knows there's time still. A nice crepe and paella will do me fine until :)

Ate my own weight in chocolate (its seasonal so it's acceptable) and finally got round to seeing Mockingjay - the film was blooming brilliant and I'm so glad I'd already read the books to find out what happens in part 2, talk about a cliffhanger? If you haven't seen it, you really need to! 

May have slipped and made a huge-ish MAC order which is due to arrive sometime this week, in fairness I needed to finish my quad (so I could ask Santa for a new one) and a few other things just happened to fall in my basket, oh no! 

Finally purchased my Christmas cards for this year and I'm so excited to write out little messages and send them to my friends. I'm also sending cards to my readers, I think I wrote about it a few days back if you're interested but these cards are literally adorable and I love them - the green envelopes are such a nice finishing touch too!

So a busy week and next week will probably be the same if not more but I'm going to keep at Blogmas so keep an eye out for my new posts! I also managed to track down new batteries for my camera so my photos will no longer be of terrible quality, thank goodness! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s What have you been up to this week? I'm so excited for Christmas already!

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2 comments on "Weekly Ramble #6"
  1. A crocodile dish? I'm not sure I'd brave that either. lol it looks like you had a fun week!


    1. thanks I really did, busy but fun :) it doesn't sound too appetising but the stand is so popular! x


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