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Soap & Glory: The Next Big Thing

12 December 2014
Every year I'm late to the party and just miss out on the massive Soap & Glory bundle, I never know when it's going to be on sale or else it just flies off the shelves (literally) far too quickly for my liking and this year I was putting my foot down and buying it for myself. I'd seen a few blog posts recently about it coming up soon (by mid December, now I was starting to panic), I'd been religiously checking the Boots website and luckily yesterday I received the wonderful email telling me it would be available from today onwards. 

The online version of the next big thing
The in store version of the next big thing
There are two variations of the Soap & Glory: The Next Big Thing set this year, one for those buying the gift online and another for those bought in store, they're both designed by London fashion designer Hattie Stewart and I love both of the designs equally. I think I might prefer the instore version just a smidge more but I'll probably end up ordering the online version for handiness. Both boxes contain the same amount of products, a whopping ten products are included in these, such as body wash, body scrub, hand cream, one of their lipglosses, mascara and body butter. 

I haven't tried too much from Soap & Glory but the things that I have tried I've absolutely loved - I think the signature scent plays a part in this and the fact that they're pretty great products too! Each of these products included are full sized, not just minis which is really impressive (probably heavy too) with a massive value of £76 however for this week and being one of Boots most popular star gifts, the gift sets only priced at £29 which is incredible value! For someone who hasn't tried that much from S&G like myself it's ideal as you get to fall in love with test out so many products at once. 

I'm definitely going to be making an order later on this morning, I just need to get my hands on it and I would advise you to make an order as soon as possible. These gifts sets due to their amazing value really do fly off the shelves and mums go crazy and buy three / four at a time, not thinking about how they're going to transport them home but I guess they want a bargain, same as everyone else.... all in all, I think I need it. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what do you think of the S&G bundle this year? Is anyone getting it? 

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4 comments on "Soap & Glory: The Next Big Thing"
  1. Soap & Glory always come out with amazing sets!! Love the look of this!!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. they definitely do, if I could buy them all I would! they products are absolutely amazing too! x

  2. I've never head about this, sounds like a great value bundle!


    1. they usually have it as an annual Boots Christmas treat & it really is :) x


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