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December Non Beauty Favourites

31 December 2014
Last month I didn't even post one favourites post, let alone two but since this is my last chance to write up a favourites post for 2014 I thought I'd be extra nice and do my typically non beauty and beauty faves. I always like to chuck in some lifestyle as well because I love reading little snippets on other peoples blogs too and its a tradition I'll be keeping regularly on the blog, in the New Year. I usually post my beauty favourites first so I thought I'd do the opposite, so alas heres my December non beauty favourites of the month, enjoy!

It wouldn't be a December favourites without a few Christmas movies, the ones that I've had on a loop are definitely Elf and The Holiday, even Love Actually's taken a backseat this year but I just had to give these a mention. Another favourite this month which isn't pictured is maybe a bit strange but its fluffy socks - I think I've made a new challenge to myself to own as many pairs as I can in every pattern and colour under the sun. I'm definitely set for the rest of Winter but they're unbelievably cosy and I'm all about comfort! In fact I'll probably end up buying more, if I'm honest....

Chocolate is always a favourite but even more this month, there's so many snacks and treats that its hard to not eat them at every opportunity and I've been doing just that. A tub of celebrations and numerous selection boxes should not have my name on it, who really needs a New Years diet when you've enough chocolate to last you until Easter! As with all chocolate binging my skin might be suffering from the odd spot or two but for the amount I'm eating it should be a full scale breakout so I'm counting myself lucky, however my new Origins face mask has come in pretty handy.

I've only used the drink up intensive mask overnight to give my skin a bit of a lift and revitalize it a little and surprisingly its worked and my skins on the road to recovery, thank goodness, but I can definitely see myself using these masks a lot in the new year. Another favourite would have to be Soap&Glory's Hand Food, I've been working a lot and my nails have been all bleh as a result until I found this in a drawer and I remembered just how amazing it is and within a day or two they're all back to normal and this has its place now on my bedside table so I can use it constantly.Lastly I picked up a ring from Urban Outfitters and its the cutest thing ever, I love finding little pieces of jewellery that I can mix and match - usually all sorts of silver rings and this is perfect.  

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what non beauty things have you been loving lately?

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2 comments on "December Non Beauty Favourites"
  1. the holiday is such a good film! :) x

    1. snap - its probably my all time favourite, its sooo good! :) x


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