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Blogmas Day 10 - A MAC Haul

10 December 2014
Around Christmas I'm not a fan of ordering everyone's presents online I love going out, buying things in person and managing to soak up the Christmas atmosphere at the same time. A few weeks ago Debenhams had a little reduction on all their beauty and fragrance products and I'd finally had enough of my half empty quad (easy to do) so I made an order to complete it but of course no MAC order is that simple so a few extra things may have landed in my basket and when it arrived yesterday I knew I'd have to show you all as soon as possible!

MAC (L-R) Mac lipstick in Russian Red, Mac lipstick in Please Me, MAC duo quad, MAC zoom fast black lash, haul, review and swatches

I already had a quad with two shadows in it but everytime I went to buy another I got distracted by other beautiful MAC products and forgot - therefore before Christmas I knew I'd have to finish it off, opting for Cork and Woodwinked - two very popular shades and for good reason. I don't want to go into too much detail but I'll be doing a post on my finished quad with swatches soon so keep an eye out for that post ;) For ages now I've also been reading blogs / watching youtube videos and the two that appears everywhere is that of MAC Omega and Charcoal Brown so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and ordered an empty duo palette to fill.

This may seem a bit of an odd one but I haven't any sharpeners for my lipliner and I'm definitely not going to use my eyeliner one so I decided to pick up this little one which looks so cute and will probably be used to death. There was a sample of MAC's zoom fast black lash included as well and surprisingly I haven't heard all that much about their mascaras so I'm eager to try this out too! The last two things I bought and probably my favourites are two lipsticks: Russian Red because I have zero red lipsticks in my collection (well apart from an orange-red but that doesn't count) and red always comes in handy around the Christmas months when you want a simple but traditional makeup look. 

Also I opted for Please Me, a stunning pink which I'll be able to wear everyday, it's not too pale that makes me look washed out so it's a winner. The two of these lipsticks are matte but as you know I quite like matte and they have the typical MAC vanilla scent so I'm in love with them already. I'll probably review them in a few weeks as well once I've used them enough so keep checking back ;) It may not seem like a massive haul but my bank balance would have to disagree, I hope you enjoyed it! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s have you bought anything from MAC recently? I love getting new ideas for my wishlist 

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4 comments on "Blogmas Day 10 - A MAC Haul "
  1. Can't wait to see your reviews of the eyeshadows! I'm getting a Mac quad for Christmas, I managed to hint to everyone to buy me an eyeshadow for Christmas so hopefully I'll end up with four! x

    1. thank you! I've just finished mine and I'll definitely be making a post for it - I love it :) Aw that'll be so nice, don't want a repeat ;) do you know what eyeshadows you want already? I always plan soo much lol! x

  2. Great haul! love the shades of lipstick you picked!


    1. thank you! they're a dream as well :) x


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