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Blogmas Day 3: Naked Basics Review

3 December 2014
At this time of year I always love putting together little bits and pieces (presents wise) to make up one diverse and usually massive present - stocking fillers are so much better than one big massive present especially if you're buying for friends. This post is all about Urban Decay's Naked Basics, something I treated myself to months ago, way before the Basics 2 Release but I think we can apply the rule, nothing ever beats the original here.

This Naked Basics Palette is an absolutely perfect everyday staple, as someone who barely uses any colour but nudes on my eyes, actually scratch that, someone who doesn't use eyeshadow on a daily basis this ticks all my boxes for when I do decide to. I also own the original Naked Palette but this trumps it on the basis that its adorable, pocket sized and I can take it on the go with me - plus it comes complete with a large mirror for handiness purposes of course! Urban Decay are also notoriously known for shimmer and glitter but surprisingly all these little ones are mattes - no shimmer at all which is a bit plus in my books!

I especially love that I can use the lighter shades throughout the day and then if I'm popping out at night I can simply apply a few of the darker shades or the black as a liner and I'm set to go, no lugging about three palettes. Similar to other Urban Decay shadows I've tried they're exceptional quality and they may be my favourite, if not my second favourite eyeshadow formula ever - they're definitely up there. The shadows are all warm toned and my favourites would have to be W.O.S, Naked 2 and Faint, with Venus as a higlight - more or less them all right? You can never pick favourites....

However this is a firm favourite in my makeup bag at the minute and probably will be for a long time yet so I thought I'd share it as its something I'd be happy to receive as a gift! It usually retails around £21 but for six shadows that works out at less than £4 each #bargain. You can actually find it here Urban Decay - Naked Basics on the haveyouseen website.

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s have you tried any of the Naked or Naked Basics Palettes, whats been your favourite?

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2 comments on "Blogmas Day 3: Naked Basics Review"
  1. This looks great! love the shades!


    1. thank you, such a nice shade range for neutral lovers like myself! :) x


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