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Weekly Ramble #8

30 December 2014
The Sunday after Christmas, in fact the week after Christmas isn't really that great - everyones a bit down that the big day has came and gone so quickly.... then they pick themselves up and put on a cheerful front for the new year. This years pretty much the same. I've worked a lot of the week so honestly I just want to jump into hibernation and sleep until Spring, if only!  

This was just a quick snap from Christmas Day, I tried to crop out the presents because I really don't like the whole showing off with hundreds of presents look that some people do - it's just not me but this is a lovely photo of one of our main trees and the surrounding decorations. I absolutely love this time of year, everythings so cosy! I also finished wrapping my friends presents and gave them out too!

A random photo from through the week of some of my beauty bits and pieces, I had a good old sort out for the New Year and all that so I have plenty of room to start again or treat myself to newer things. Also how adorable is that little panda?

It was all about that red lip and highlighter glow throughout the party season - absolutely fool proof and I've been loving using these two lip products to death, practically.

 Its all a bit of a downer really, Christmas being over but this week was filled with plenty of festivities in the run up to it, I had every Christmas movie under the sun playing and I'm pretty sure my brother wanted to hit me at some point for it oops! And although I may have left some last minute present buying (by that I mean Monday and Tuesday) it all worked out on the day and now I need to sleep for a long long time. I've also managed to eat my body weight in chocolate so I'd say thats another success and my Christmas playlist & movies have been hidden away for another year!

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s what have you been up to this week?

4 comments on "Weekly Ramble #8"
  1. Love the color of that Revlon lip crayon!

    1. thank you, it really is a lovely shade! not quite so scary a red as it looks here x

  2. That is a gorgeous tree !!! wow
    My mom knows I love makeup so she did a haul lol and got my a purse filled with makeup! I haven't got to photo it yet or anything but I'm excited. I love the color of your lip crayon too!

    1. thank you so much! :) Aw thats such a lovely idea, you'll definitely have to take some photos or post :) thanks, its perfect for this time of year x


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