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Weekly Ramble #7

15 December 2014
A weekly ramble post wasn't something I was planning to do, funnily enough weekly, but for the month of December I want to be able to look back & see what I've been up to. This week was very same-y to last in that I consumed far too much food, its the season for food and all that and I spent most of my time humming along to overplayed Christmas songs (and not the good ones) on a loop in work, two more weeks & I'll be climbing the walls. 

After seeing the trailer for Interstellar and never having the time to go and see it I decided that this week it was now or never and I was not disappointed - it was definitely long, maybe a bit too long (the phrase numb bum applies) but it was sooo good! I'm actually all for movies about the world ending, how cheerful! I made the most of a Group On offer of my mums and made a large-ish order of photos to be developed for my photo albums and they all arrived this week, granted I need more albums now but the savings were amazing, I think it cost for 400 odd like £6/7 with postage and packaging instead of more like £20 odd, they're all superb quality too!

I finally carried out the tedious task of cleaning all of my makeup brushes, I say finally when its probably been a week but its just so boring. I have made an order for new makeup brushes from ebay though so I'm hoping they arrive soon.

I've also been told the amazing news that my placement is all sorted and I'm starting in the new year AND I'm being offered a permanent part time job, somehow I think 2015 might be a good one? :) Oh and all of my christmas cards / letters have been sent bar a few, included with a long and rambly message inside, who doesn't love that. Anyways this week has flew in and I can't believe its only ten days to Christmas Eve and eleven to Christmas! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s what have you been up to this week? 

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4 comments on "Weekly Ramble #7"
  1. I love reading these! haha. Congrats on the permanent part-time job! (= x


    1. thank you, I wasn't sure whether people liked to read these sort of things or not! And thanks, I'm soo happy about it :) x

  2. I seriously need to wash my makeup brushes but it's just so annoying having to leave them to dry! Congrats on the new job and I hope you enjoy your placement too :) x

    1. Isn't it just? they never dry quick enough for my liking, I went and bought replacements lol! Thank you, I'm so excited to start it in the New Year :) x


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