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Christmas Gift Guide #1: Stocking Fillers Under a £5

5 December 2014
At this time of year I absolutely love reading gift guides and finding inspiration as to what to buy my friends & family, almost as much as I love putting together the presents themselves. Therefore this year I knew I'd have to do a few gift guides of my own for all budgets, this being the first and the most budget friendly! I've seen a lot of gift guides under £10 but I tried to find a few things less than a £5 instead, that extra £5 makes all the difference, so I hope you enjoy and maybe get some inspiration yourself! 

After I'd finished this post I realised just how big this gift guide is but the bigger the better I hope. Christmas is pretty much a time for beauty and bath products with the odd seasonal thing and a bunch of candles, at least in my eyes so it may not suit everyones tastes but it should suit most. The crackers I added as a bit of a novelty, I think I'm going to include one in each of my friends presents this year, mainly because they'll have no clue what they are and its a bit of fun so I thought I'd sneak that one in. 

Candles (and usually cinnamon smelling things) always find their way under the tree, Yankee candles are probably my favourite and I thought this little miniature with the Christmas-sy packaging was adorable. Impulse is something I always used back in school just for a quick spritz and from then on I've been using perfume but if you're just popping to the shops a quick spritz of this can never do no wrong so I'll probably stock up on a few of these and the Ted Baker body spray. Lush is also no stranger at Christmas and I always love picking out a few Christmas bath bombs such as the Santa and Melting Snowman (bit twisted I know, not one for kids) - they have such an amazing range! 

This year Boots are on point and I practically want to buy half of the 3 for 2 gift section, thats where I've found most of these bargains such as the fat face compact mirrors, one for each friend (thats three stocking fillers in one), some tanning mitts because Christmas season is tan&party season and also the products from Bleach London, a cute jelly purse, anything jelly and squishy is a big yes and a glittery photo dome all for under a £5! Also Christmas ornaments/ beauty gifts are becoming popular and I love them! I've included a few from Soap&Glory containing lip balms and lip glosses, a Balmi lip balm bauble, a No7 star containing a surprise nail polish and a Topshop nail pyramid as well which I find so cute. 

I then added some miscellanous things in like nail files from Topshop, if all else fails you're always going to need one, rings because I'm obsessed at the minute and Christmas socks because its always nice to be warm and cosy yet festive at the same time. The most practical of them all is probably a cute diary for 2015, it may seem like a long way off but it's not and it's always good to start the year off organised. The most important in my eyes though is chocolate, chocolate is a must in every stocking and Terrys Chocolate Orange just screams stocking filler to me! Well I think thats all of them covered and apart from I think two gifts on the list you can find them all for under a £5, what bargains! Let me know what you think! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s can you think of any gifts under a £5 or which of these have you tried? I still need to start my Christmas shopping and theres three weeks to go! 

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8 comments on "Christmas Gift Guide #1: Stocking Fillers Under a £5"
  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas! Some people are so hard to buy for, but I know I'll be picking up some of these for Christmas gifts :)
    - F -

    1. It's not a problem! I love planning out gifts (as you can maybe tell) so if it helps someone I'm happy :) x

  2. These are such good ideas! i like to buy some gifts for my friends around christmas so this will come in handy!


  3. Great ideas. I would like to find a Christmassy smelling candle :)

    1. aw thanks! theres so many lovely ones about at the moment :) x


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