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Dear Santa: Wishlist

24 December 2014
Blogmas Day 24, Dear Santa Christmas Wishlist, JennysEverydayLife
From time to time I love a good wishlist and whats better than making one at Christmas time, I think its a habit of mine to make really unrealistic and blooming long lists, did anyone else ever cut out half the Argos book for Santa just because it looked pretty? Well at least I'm older and they're a bit better than what they were (well I try) but this is still a hefty wishlist and I wouldn't even expect half of it, not to mention it would probably give my parents a heart attack! I still thought I'd publish it on here because I love reading wishlists and getting some inspiration for my own, so I hope it helps.  

Of course theres some makeup bits and pieces on there like a Nars blush, their foundation and concealer mainly because I couldn't justify buying myself it through the year, a MAC lipstick to add to my collection, MAC Fix+ because I've heard so many good things, a paintpot because one is not enough and a replacement of my Studio Fix. Theres also some lip crayons from Soap&Glory, there is an actual set including three that you can buy but I couldn't find the link for it. I think that's pretty good on the makeup side of things. I did also mention the Zoeva brushes which are stunning and would look amazing, hint hint on my dressing table. 

I also included a lot of miscellaneous items like fairy lights for my room because I can never find any that don't resemble Christmas tree lights, a diary and organiser for the new year, socks as I'm forever losing mine - I swear someone steals them, a watch in brown and black - just plain staple ones that'll go with everything and still look pretty, some jewellery (maybe) and a phone case for my iphone 5 because again I can never find any that I like. 

Also some perfume is a lovely stocking filler and this year I'm hoping that I get One Directions You and I perfume and Christian Dior's J'adore - both smell incredible. Whilst we're on nice smelling things anything from Lush is a lovely gift or even Soap and Glory too. I did ask for the Emma Hardie cleansing balm which was in a set and almost half its usual price, a pair of GHD's (there a long time investment ;)), a Zara City Bag and some Disney DVD's.  

As I said at the start I would never expect even half of this but these are things on a very long list of things I would like and I'll probably buy myself them throughout the new year but I just thought I'd share as it might give others a late idea of what they want. 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo
P.s whats on your Christmas lists?

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4 comments on "Dear Santa: Wishlist"
  1. Love your picks, specially the boots! Happy holidays!

    1. thank you! I really need a good pair for the upcoming winter months as well, an excuse to go shopping too! Merry Christmas to you as well :) x

  2. Lovely wishlist, i love seeing and reading these posts! NARS blushes are so amazing!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. thank you! I love these as well, they give me such inspiration and a massive wishlist but at least they're helpful.... I really want to try one, I've heard so many amazing things, which do you thinks the best? x


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