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Christmas Time!

25 December 2014
I just want to say a massive Merry Christmas to all of my blog followers and anybody else who may be reading! This is a bit of a short post mainly because today is all about spending time with my family & relaxing, as it should be and I've only just got round to having some down time of my own and typing this up, at half ten at night sorry everyone. I'm also quite shocked how fast today has flown in (and thats saying a lot when you've been up since 8am - thats like the crack of dawn on the holidays) but its been amazing nonetheless.

I think because I've been working crazy hours in the run up to Christmas and I really have had to juggle everything about instead of leisurely buying presents for everyone I've learnt to appreciate Christmas even more, if that makes sense? Yesterday it felt so weird to be working on Christmas Eve instead of watching Christmas movies and visiting friends/family and tomorrow I'll be working Boxing Day - not before a sneaky early morning trip to the sales, I couldn't not take advantage of those so today was my proper day off and it meant I was more appreciative. 

A typical morning in our house on Christmas is waking up (usually at a ridiculous time) although its getting later as we get older, no 6am starts anymore and unwrapping all of our presents in front of the tree which I absolutely love doing - it makes it all the more fun ripping the paper off, I know some people don't get their presents wrapped but I personally prefer it! After presents its all about the food, both breakfast and starting the lunch and playing/looking at everything that we've got in more detail I guess and thanking everyone :) Once the foods on its time to settle down and watch some good old Christmas movies or Christmas tv until lunch time which usually works out at mid afternoon. 

By 4pm everyones off for a nap, its just that time in the day when everything catches up on you and you need a little energy boost for the rest of the day and the Christmas tv programmes like Doctor Who, Coronation Street and Strictly Come Dancing - I told you my tv habits are like I'm like sixty five at heart, not always a bad thing I guess. In amongst all of the tv watching and the odd board game or two, I consume as much chocolate as physically possible, I hope I'm not the only one! This year I actually made everyone play Cluedo this year, its a tradition that everyone disappears whenever I get it out but this year they didn't and I surprisingly won the game, what can I say I love being a detective?

So maybe this post wasn't as short as I thought it would be but I'm definitely tired and I've to get up early for work and shopping tomorrow so I'm sure I'll be out for the count by half eleven... I'm getting old but I just wanted to say a huge Merry Christmas to you all :) I hope you's all had a wonderful day with your friends and family, you stuffed your faces and Santa brought you everything that you wanted! 

Thanks for reading, Jenny xo 
P.s whats your Christmas Day like? 

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